the Lost Teachings of Holy Spirit


Class Delivered via ZOOM or Phone.
Encore! Tuesday March 30 from 7 PM to 9 PM eastern



How to Purify and Open the Eyes of Your heart
Do you want the deepest of blessings?

Then it is important to purify your heart and open the eyes of your understanding.

In this powerful teaching you will learn how to do just that AND learn how to repeat it anytime you want!
How to Communicate with Holy Spirit Everyday
Did you know Holy Spirit wants to hear from you?

Better than any friend you will ever have, Holy Spirit is with you every moment. 

In the good times (and bad) you have a powerful ally just waiting and wanting to help you. 
How to destroy Fear and Step fully into your purpose
Make no mistake, fear is the enemy of us all.

Nothing good comes from fear and fear is not from Holy Spirit. In fact, it's the opposite!

I will teach you to destroy fear the moment you feel it and to replace it with confidence and courage!
  • TOTALLY UNIQUE! I've been given the honor of being the only person to teach this material. I'm humbled by that and can't wait to share what I have received. (1988 Value!)
  • LIFETIME ACCESS TO REPLAYS - You are going to want to listen to these life changing teachings again and again. As you do, your connection to Holy Spirit will grow deeper and richer. (Priceless)
  • WRITTEN TRANSCRIPTS - Use these as your personal notes or "cheat sheet" whenever you need to be refreshed in the concepts you learn. ($388 Value)
  • HOLY SPIRIT ANNOINTING CEREMONY - I'm adding this in at no extra cost. We will use your oil for anointing and you will receive tremendous power! (Priceless)
  • ​BOOST YOUR INTUITION BY UP TO 400% - What you will learn will create razor sharpness in your God given intuition. This factor alone will protect you for all of your days! (Priceless)
  • FREEDOM FROM FEAR! Imagine never feeling the fears that haunt you again! When you are intimately connected to Holy Spirit your fears will melt away, replaced by joy, confidence, and power! (Priceless)
  • ROCKET FUEL FOR YOUR SPIRITUAL EVOLUTION - Ever feel stuck in your spiritual process? Once you are in deep and individual connection with Holy Spirit that will be gone! (Priceless)
  • ​DEEP DISCERNMENT - One of the most important parts of this class! Never again be tricked or deceived by lying spirits who want to steal your joy ... and your progress! (Priceless)
Personal Message

Personal Message from Rebecca ...

It is almost impossible to put a dollar value on any of these things. All I can say is that it takes massive amounts of time. 

I pour everything I have into sharing with you!

Because of that, if I were to do this for you in person, the cost would be well over $2000!
You pay only $97!

The day my life changed forever

I'll never forget the day it happened. Deep in prayer, I heard this ...

"You now commissioned to open a portal for greater understanding of the True Power of Holy Spirit.”

I had known about the Holy Spirit since I was a child. I knew that I had the Holy Spirit. 


What I heard was undeniable. I had to know more. 
  • What is possible?
  • ​How do I access this power?
  • ​Can I share what I learn with my fellow travelers?
Soon enough, all would become clear! 

To begin with, I was so wrong about what I thought Holy Spirit is all about!

FIRST - I did not know that it was possible to speak directly with Holy Spirit. 

SECOND - I always thought Holy Spirit was a sweet little dove energy

When I did a little more learning about Holy Spirit, I see portrayals of "Holy Fire", of lighting bolts and much more. 

It became crystal clear that Holy Spirit is POWER ... and so much more!

I'm excited today because it is clear that humanity is now ready for these secrets to be revealed. 

In fact, the need is greater upon the earth today than at any other time in our history!

Here is part of what I heard ...

"For you have thought of Holy Spirit as only a sweet little dove. While yes, I am the great comforter. I AM also the great destroyer of wickedness in high places.

I am not speaking of destroying wicked people. I am speaking of annihilating the chaos that drives people into wickedness."

I was floored! I was hearing directly from Holy Spirit. 

I was a little afraid to ask this but I had to know ...

… why are you approaching ME at this time?

You are an important part of the team!

What I heard in answer humbled me. Made me cry. It made me full of optimism and hope for the future. 

More than anything, it made me feel loved!

"You are an important part of the team who came to prepare the way for more of the Christ consciousness."

There was more ... SO much more. To save you a bit of time I'm going to put it into my own words. 

Rest assured, all who join me in this powerful teaching will hear the entire beautiful story just as I received it.

It was made clear to me that ...
  • I was to help awaken ancient knowledge so that it will be available for those who desire to be part of the great shift. 
  • The exercises I was given are designed to awaken even more of what is already within you. It was made clear that YOU means the whole of humanity, not just Rebecca.
  • Strategically placed people filled with awakening fire is enough to ignite the ancient memories in all of the earth. (By the way, I believe YOU are one of those people!)
  • There is much knowledge and wisdom from the ancients that has too long been hidden and suppressed.
  • The goal of sharing these deeper awakening techniques is to bring more peace to the earth. 
  • Holy Spirit is the one constant both in the old Testament scriptures as well as ancient manuscripts. 
  • Even Thoth the Atlantean speaks MUCH of the importance of The Holy Flame. The Great Comforter has been present through all of life.
  • ​Proper use of this highest of energy forces can purify your minds, your bodies, your hearts, and spirits to a level never before attained in this age you have been dwelling in.
  • These exercises have not been presented in this manner since the times of Atlantis and Lemuria. 
Each time a class is given on these techniques, you will notice a greater number of UFO sightings as your star brothers and sisters are eagerly awaiting your further awakening. 

Doing these exercises will cleanse, purify, and ignite your powers of perception and clarity. 

Those who practice these techniques often will find it much easier to connect their own angels, guides, Christ, and high beings of light as they desire.

"You can never do the heart cleansing exercise too often!"

And there was even more!!

Rebecca, you must share the heart cleansing exercise with all. 

You can never overdo the heart cleansing exercise

It is basic and will set all others in motion with harmony. Do not worry that you will do the heart cleansing exercise incorrectly. 

This is meant to be so easy a child can do it.

Fear has no place in the quest 
for more light

It was impressed upon me that what followed next was of incredible importance

dried my eyes, sat up straight, and prepared to receive one of the most important lessons of my life!

Beware of teachers who present to you a spiritual technique so difficult that a student gets into fear of not doing it correctly. 

Fear has no place in the quest for more light.

Tell people if they will do the heart cleansing opening exercise seven days in a row, they will have a new understanding of spirit, such as they have never had before. 

The heart is indeed the seat of the soul. 

Simply doing the heart clearing and opening exercise causes a reuniting of fragmented souls

The true message of the lost teachings became crystal clear to me ...
  • In these times of great turbulence, the soul of many has become fragmented.
  • ​Taking in the Holy Flame in the manner described is an act of faith and an act of trust.
  • ​These secret teachings not only cleanse and purify but they open the eyes of your heart, open to more of your heart's desire, open you to realize more of your soul purpose.
  • ​Just as angels do not interfere in human will, Holy Spirit must be called upon.
  • ​As you purify your own heart, you will be able to call upon this power with pure intent.
  • ​The Holy Spirit cannot be used for one's own spiteful purpose.
By this time, I am literally shaking. I had been crying. My nose was running. I was a mess but I was ready to receive MORE if more was available. 

And more did come ... so much more that you would be reading for the next 24 hours if I wrote it out. 

That's why I decided to create a live event where I can share it all with you! 

This is not only the biggest thing that has happened to me, it's more than I ever dreamed could happen!

This class is NOT for everyone

I want to be crystal clear about two things. 

1. I want you to attend this class.
2. This class is NOT for everyone.

If that sounds confusing, let me explain. 

This class will bless your socks off! It will open up to you a new way of thinking, feeling, and acting that can literally infuse Holy Spirit power into every day you live. 

Better thinking. Better decisions. More peace of mind. (Just to name a few)

But know this ...

This class is for those who KNOW they have a higher purpose and they want to experience ALL of what they are meant to be. 

I believe you were born to win but to be the winner you were born to be you need a power source greater than yourself. We all do. This class will introduce you to that power source!

This class is for those who put their spiritual evolution way up high on the priority list.

When you do these powerful Lost Secret Techniques you may take off like a rocket in your spiritual evolution.

If your spiritual life has seemed stagnated this dose of HOLY FLAME will ignite you and turn you into a dynamo for the Divine!
If you are the person who knows they were born for more, and you want it ALL, this class is definitely for you. 

Class Delivered via ZOOM or Phone.
Tuesday March30 from 7PM to 9 PM eastern

So use the button below and get registered now. 

Here is how you will be blessed by 
this important teaching

The first thing, and this is huge is learning to communicate directly with Holy Spirit anytime, anywhere, and for any reason. Holy Spirit wants to communicate directly with you!

You do NOT need a "middle man" to speak with holy spirit!

I know some traditions teach that you need an intermediary to speak with Holy Spirit. But that's not right and it is FAR too limiting for you. 

So I want to be 100% clear ... you will learn to speak directly with Holy Spirit anytime you want, anywhere you happen to be, and for ANY reason you want. 

Holy Spirit WANTS to hear from you!

It's very hard for me to recap what you get simply because there is SO much goodness and light in this teaching.

Please remember, I'm the messenger for this. This is not something I made up because I want to teach a class. 

So let me share only a few empowerments you will receive by taking this class.
  • Learn the Sacred prayer given directly from Holy Spirit that enables you to call MORE Holy Spirit into your life.
  • ​Become a powerful prayer warrior.
  • ​Wield the power of Holy Spirit in the most effective way to overcome evil and transform your world.
  • ​Become 400% more intuitive than you are now. 
  • ​Open your hidden channels to receiving.
  • ​Use the Power of Holy Spirit for physical healing.
  • ​Use this power to rid yourself of any parasitic energies!
  • ​Use this Power for Maximum protection for you AND your children or grandchildren.
If you are reading this right now I believe it means you are ready. You want more. You need more. And this teaching will open the door for the more life you we all so badly want and need. 

So use the button below and register before the class fills up!

frequently asked questions

When I have shared this material before there were questions. That's understandable. And while I want to answer YOUR question, I hope you are blessed by reading the questions others have had. 
What if I don’t do the techniques correctly?
They are designed to be so easy a child can do them.
Very important: Holy Spirit said to me. Rebecca, tell people that they don’t have to worry HOW the work is done! I AM the power. Their job is to simply do the exercises and let me do the work. 
Can I misuse this power?
Doing the heart cleansing exercise will ENSURE that you are asking for is in line with Divine Will. You can not use this power from a place of "wanting to get even" or any kind of selfish purpose. It simply will NOT work. Holy Spirit is in service to The most High Divine and cannot be misused.
What has been your experience with this?
Since I have been doing these techniques I have experienced much greater clarity about EVERYTHING! 

My own intuition has already tripled in strength enabling me to get answers to even the smallest things! There is a sense of wellbeing, a true sense of Coming Home that the Indwelling of the Holy Spirit brings.

Do you have questions too?

Let me assure you of this - no question that is asked during this live event will go unanswered. No question. So bring an open heart, a willingness to deepen your connection, and any questions you have. 

We are all learning all the time, including me. Join me and let's discover together how I can be a conduit for you to receive the greatest of all blessings ... deepening your walk with Holy Spirit.

Love and light to you and your loved ones...
Class Delivered via ZOOM or Phone.
Tuesday March 30 from 7 to 9 PM eastern

A Sacred Trust ...

Deep in prayer... I had a vision.

I was in a small hallway. There was a carved wooden door at the end of the hallway. I could see and hear Light and Heavenly Music radiating from around the edges of the door.

The hair was standing up on the back of my neck as I placed my hand on the door handle!

I just KNEW there was something life-changing on the other side of that door!

As I opened the door I saw myself sitting in my “Meditation chair” surrounded by Angels and Beings of Light.

There were Healing Angels, Prosperity Angels, Trauma Releasing Angels, all ready to be of service to the Light!

As I prayerfully held your card to my heart the Angels began to bustle about in anticipation of being called upon! (I say YOUR card so you can see yourself in the Vision as well)

Yes, the Angels were so eager to bring you the emotional, spiritual, abundant support that you need right now! 

The Vision faded, yet I remained filled with the glory of this vision as waves of Holy Spirit Light washed over me!

You see...I had already SEEN the possibilities of this Vision in REAL time!

How it all began ...

A few months back I held a 4-week weight release class.

I felt led to offer to do energy healing work on those who wanted that option.

I would draw a little picture that represents the client on a card.

Here is a sample of one of the cards. Of course, the person's name has been replaced with "name" because all of my work is 100% confidential and 100% individual.
The card had two figures one figure represents the issues they had right now and the other figure represented how they wanted to feel when the issues were resolved.

It was my intent to hold a card, say some prayers and do a bit of energy work and blessings.


Rebecca In Intercession ...

My Daughter caught me one morning in my prayer time (before Makeup!!) and quietly snapped this photo of me with one of the cards.

When I would hold each card I would “see” the clients whole spiritual/emotional health like a kaleidoscope visioning before my eyes.
I could “see” who needed forgiveness work (past life/ancestral experiences included.)

I could “see” the wounded inner child and what needed to be done to heal that.

With some clients I could “see” inside their body and issues that needed addressing.

Several times, I saw dark energies lurking in the auric field that needed removing by the power of Jesus Christ & Holy Spirit Light.

I wrote down what I saw each day on their card.

Some days, I was guided to just hold them energetically to my heart and sing a sacred song to them to bring them comfort and love.

Sadly, I had not realized the depth of vision that I would see for each one.

I had charged such a tiny amount for this upgrade service that I could not take the time needed to let them know everything that I was seeing.

Regretfully, neither could I take the time to actually do all the Deliverance work that was needed.

To do so would have taken up a huge part of my day. (I already had HUGE Time commitments)

There were a few clients who had elected to be in the beta program.

For these few I gave them an almost Daily Report via WhatsApp voice messaging system.

This Blessing was given in the moment when I was deep in the spirit realm.

I would press the WhatsApp record button and send them the word of Prophecy, the Sacred Song, the Blessing or whatever else Spirit was directing for them in the moment.

Even though I was able to do this for a very few (in the beta stage) it changed their lives.

 It was when I realized what a treasure this gift was!

I vowed I would never offer this kind of service again unless the receiver was willing to dig a Little Deeper with me and accept the daily report.

The importance of giving out the messages of insight while deep in the sacred prayer space is vital.

The anointing of the Holy Spirit comes through on the voice messaging system. 

You get such a blessing that cannot be replicated by mere words typed on a piece of paper. 

You get to FEEL the Power, the Love, the Comfort in the very moment it is being transmitted!
This is why this new service requires that you have WhatsApp. And WhatsApp is completely free!

This way you bask in the glory of your daily messages and you have them to listen to Forever!

Did it work for those who joined me?

Rather than me going on and on about how wonderful this was (and it WAS wonderful) I want to make sure you hear directly from them. 

You see, this is not about me. I am simply a messenger with a gift. 

This was about them. 
  • THEIR NEEDS - My only goal was to intercede for them. To stand in the gap and guard them, protect them ... to bless them. This blessing does not come from me. It comes through me.
  • ​THEIR CHALLENGES - I asked their spirit to reveal to me their needs and their challenges. You see, I KNOW that two are better than one. They wanted their challenges gone, of course. But they needed a partner, an ally in the fight. It was my honor to be that ally.
  • ​THEIR PAST - Have you been hurt in the past? They had. And that energy was clinging to them like velcro! Imagine having a piece of velcro stuck to the middle of your back. It will come off easily but you can't reach it. What I did for them was not only reach that negative energy but I ripped it off and told it to never come back!!
  • ​THEIR FUTURE - I was honored to see into their future (in many cases) and so could focus the power of my intercession on helping them manifest their wonderful destiny! What a joy it was to hear reports like the ones you will read below!
So below are their "results". I don't like using that word because this is not a slot machine where you put a coin in and get 100 coins back. 


But "results" really is the right word because the changes they saw startled even me!  

So here are the results, in their own words. 

By the way, I did not solicit these testimonials. They were a spontaneous expression of joy from the work we had done together. 

From Lana Nelson, Author of The Food Codes

One extraordinary intuitive and teacher stands out in the crowd. 

I first attended one of Rebecca’s in-person teaching events over 2 decades ago and I have rarely missed an event she presents since, either online or in person. 

What she taught then is even more true, powerful, and appropriate for the times today! 

Rebecca teaches with humor in her personal stories and easily touches your heart, uplifting all with her insightful gifts.  

My sessions with Rebecca and the sessions she has offered for my family members have been life changing informative, and profoundly helpful. 

Rebecca’s personal sessions and her daily reading sessions will be helpful, encouraging, and will blow your hair back! 

I express my gratitude for her again and again. 

Lana LOVED her Sanctuary experience so much that she asked me to create cards for her husband and son. 

The information that came through for them was EXTRAORDINARY! 
After just a few days...there was no need to even pick up the card! I could simply hold them in my awareness and wisdom for them came pouring through! (Sometimes, the energy of the person would be with me all hours of the day, and night!)

Each day, I reported to Lana and she confirmed that it was ‘right on the money’ for what was happening. 

From Silvia (My Precious Spanish Sister)

I want you to meet Silvia but first please know this. Silvia is from Spain and English is not her first language.

I'm including her comments here without editing them for the difference in language because her sweet heart just flows through her words!

Here is what she wrote to me ...

You know Rebecca for a long long time, I've been living with a wound that I didn't know about. 

Somehow my inner child, my little girl child, she was feeling someone betrayed her.

Or maybe not betrayed felt a kind of punishment for something she had done and she didn't feel her mama loved her and cared for her.

 So she was left alone helpless helpless in the Darkness wanting for Something That Never Comes.

Sylvia's story is SO important I want you to see 
what true deliverance looks like. 

This can happen for you too!

My Inner child was crying in the dark waiting for a strong Mama, for a strong female energy to stand up for her, to speak up for her.

To say NO to the abuse that was happening to her.
To validate her and believe her. 
To acknowledge that little girl was telling was the TRUTH! Crying for someone to help her!

Sylvia cannot remember her inner child, cannot get in touch with her, no matter how hard she tried!

My tiny girl, she didn't want to come out because there was no mama to accept her. No strong woman to fight for her, to love her deeply... no matter what.

Rebecca somehow, in these days you did it! 

Yes, when you contacted me through the Voice message, with the words of love and filled that Gap!

You made that bridge! 

You are being the strong female energy to love me no matter my size, my age, whatever…

You just love me just how I am, not when I'm thinner, when I'm younger, when I'm more.

Not when I have more money, you love me just how I am.

Rebecca you told me that you see my true self, my inner child self, and my grown-up self and my soul Shining!

You have been my advocate. 
You asked Divine Mother to help me!
You blessed me, you did forgiveness work for me, when I felt too weak to do it myself.
Somehow this warm feeling finally comes to me.

This strong female energy is birthing in myself. I am able to forgive all the abuses that were done to me when I was a helpless little girl!

I don’t need to look elsewhere, except to my Divine, for finally being the Strong Light worker that I desire to be!

Rebecca, I never invest better my money.

I can never never re-pay you for the gift, the love, the help, and the healing you threw over me.

It was like a rain of blessing, even if I don't listen to the voice message every day.

You keep loving me, you keep blessing me, helping me every single day like protective Warrior.

I cannot say, I have no words to tell you how much I appreciate your help and I'm so grateful.

Rebecca, it was 20 years ago, I fell in love, I spread my wings and I tried to fly.

Somebody shoot me and I have to go back to crawling over the floor crying... crying for all the freedom that I lost.

But now I'm Healed! Now both my inner child and me are healed!

And, it's because of you!

Rebecca you help me so so so much I cannot stop saying it thank you thank you thank you from the depth of my heart.

You are a blessing, you are the answer of my prayers for years and years.

The world would be a terrible terrible place without your help, without your love, and without your heart.

Thank you, thank you 
Silvia Ovejero

From M.E. in the United States

Note from Rebecca ... I only did the Sanctuary Service for M.E for 5 days.She had just ONE small request, to have an easy solution to some dental problems!
Rebecca!! Thank you so much!!!
Never have I experienced such a noted shift for the better! I know it was your Angel boost for me!! 
Yesterday my energy was recovering from the weekend visitors, when I got your text. 

About an hour later....Wow! phone exploded with calls, customers, and friends I have not heard from in a year...calling to see how I was doing! Calls kept coming in until 9pm!! Unbelievable!
Spirit works thru people. Your boost sent an heavenly host of Angel really elevated my spirits! 
Then....even better!!!....I awoke with a clever plan on how to work with both my current dentists, and postpone the major surgery until I feel ready. (And maybe attract an even better dentist in the interim)!  
Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!!! 

Much appreciation and love!!! 
M. E. 

From JoAnne Phelps (JoAnne was in Sanctuary for only a few days of the beta program with daily reports)

Awe...that was so beautiful Rebecca! THANK YOU so very much!!
Things have been getting better and I owe it all to you, your program and your extra tips, blessings & songs!
I'm going to miss your lovely voice and songs. Looking forward to seeing your new programs & offerings!

Love you sweet Lady! Stay safe! Xoxos 🥰💗
  • COMPLETELY CUSTOM TO YOU! I create Your own customized Spirit card representing YOUR needs.
  • COMPLETELY INDIVIDUAL - I am not interceding for a group of people but rather for YOU individually. This is highly personal, private, and individual to your needs only.
  • AN ANNOINTING CEREMONY - Anointing ceremony of the card with Holy oil. This is a deeply personal experience where YOU are my complete focus.
  • DAILY INTERCESSION - Daily Guidance sessions where I tune in to what your spirit is telling me YOU need for this day!
  • YOUR WELL BEING IS MY PRIORITY - ​Sincere prayers for your total well being. That includes your spiritual, emotional, physical, relational, and state. You will be blessed!
  • SPIRIT GUIDED - All of my Energy and Deliverance work is done only as guided by spirit.
  • YOUR OWN PERSONAL SACRED SONG - At least one Sacred Song downloaded from Spirit just for you!
  • DAILY UPDATES - You will receive a daily update from me, sharing what Spirit reveals and how I have stood in the gap for you. I deliver these via WhatsApp so my message to you is personal, private, and something you can keep!

This is highly personal, completely individual, and something you can hold on to long term.

Those who have participated in Sanctuary overwhelming agree that this is one of the most powerful parts of the Sanctuary Service. 

My daily feedback to you will empower you to receive in a way you may have never experienced before. 

Our two hearts, working together and bound in love, will work to set you free and give you wings to accomplish anything!

Now it's YOUR turn!

You may be wondering if this will work for you. That is 100% natural and understandable. 

You should know that almost everyone starts with doubts and questions. 

But those who press past their momentary doubts are blessed. 

Now it's your turn to do the same.

THIS IS IMPORTANT --->  You know in your heart right now if this is something you should do. 


If your heart said "Yes, I want this!!" then take action right now by using this button to get started.


Don’t be concerned about all the obstacles…it’s MY job to help you with those!

You don’t have to worry…I will guide you in making this process successful. 

It’s usually something hidden that keeps you from manifesting … or a big fat gatekeeper!

Luckily… I am the QUEEN of helping you shine the Light on Your Limitations, Gatekeepers, and mental blocks!

Here Are The Details

As you can imagine, setting a "price" on this was extremely hard. But because it is so time consuming I simply must charge something for the time and energy I spend for each person. 

So I wrestled. 

I wrestled with charging the full price of $4000, knowing that the ones who moved ahead would be deeply serious and committed. 

But $4000 just seemed too much. 

I wanted to make this available to more than just the ones for whom $4000 is a no-brainer or an afterthought. 

So I continued wrestling. 

Next I looked at making it free of charge. It became obvious that I could not do that since I would be overwhelmed with requests from the thousands of friends on my mailing list. 

And that overwhelm would mean I could not focus on the needs of those who chose me. The power of focus is important in this work, which is why I will set aside time each day to focus on ONLY you!

And that break in my focus was not acceptable. 

You see, I am 100% committed to this working for you. 

Delivering you. 
Blessing you. 
Changing you. 
Empowering YOU. 

Once I released the question of price the answer came in a flash. 

By offering two levels and charging minimally I could serve the maximum number of people AND give each one the maximum amount of passion and attention. 

So I decided on two offerings. You can see the details of each by clicking this button ...

Frequently Asked Questions

Is This A Group Type Of Prayer?
Absolutely not!! This is one on one prayer and energy work for YOU! I use the custom card I create for you as a touchpoint to receive the guidance exclusively for you. I do ask permission of your spirit to work on you. 

You would not be attracted to this if you were not already feeling the pull. 
Is This Like A Psychic Reading?
No at all. This is Divine Guidance for your deepest needs. It is best to let the Spirit choose what is presenting as your greatest need. 

All issues have layers, and the Spirit knows which layer is like the thread that unkinks the knot!
Will I Be Able To Talk With You Every Day?
No. Talking with me every day would be cost prohibitive. The messages or guidance I receive for you will be sent to you via a voice mail using WhatsApp. 

If you choose the 21 day option you will have an individual (just you and me!) 30 minute healing session with me at the end of the 21 days.
How Soon Will We Start?
The moment I receive the notice that you have taken action I stop and pray for you. I show my gratitude and begin asking for guidance on your behalf.

After that, I create the card and prepare myself for standing in the gap for the amount of time you need. During this time I ask permission of your spirit and prepare myself to stand in the gap for you.

The Next daily service and recordings will start on  March 1 2021.

By starting the daily service for everyone on the same day AND starting the moment I hear you have taken action you get the most intercession coverage possible!

To get the most days possible, please order now. The moment I hear of you taking action you will be in my heart!
How Long Does This Last?
You can choose between 10 days and 21 days. No matter which you choose, the official start date is March 1, 2021.

But if you order today I will start today as mentioned above!

When you choose the 21 day option I will be happy to give you a 30 minute one-to-one call with me so we can review your progress!
Do You Do The Sessions At The Same Time Every Day?
Normally yes, but not always. The sessions will generally be done in the mornings (US time) and the recording sent immediately. 

Like you, sometimes life gets in the way for me and I do the session later in the day. But know this ... I will never do a session for you unless I am able to focus 100% on you and your needs. 

Be it morning or evening, you will be blessed by every session!
Do You Do The Sessions Every Day Of The Week?
I do them Monday - Saturday. I take Sunday away to worship, reflect, and recharge my own batteries.That way I can begin the week with fresh energy for you!
Is There A Money Back Guarantee?
All of my recorded content comes with a money back guarantee. But this is different. This is me interceding for you (and you alone) every day for the length of time you choose. Because I can't get that time back, I can't offer you a money back guarantee this time.
How Do I Get Started?
Choose one of the options below to get started. Remember, the moment I hear of your taking action I will stop and pray for you. I will express my gratitude for you and begin the inner work necessary to stand in the gap for you. So please do order now.
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