Meet the Twelve Angels of

Easy World!

Each day for  Twelve Days GET a special Message in your inbox!


  •  Clarissa - The Angel of CALM! Release Panic And Anxiety!
  • ​Ines - The Angel Of Inspiration! 
  • Victoria -Your  Angel Virtual Assistant! Get the Help you need now.
  • Samuel - Strength to build you up!
  • Maverick - The Angel of Momentum to keep you moving forward!
  • ​Enki - Encouragement, Keeper of Divine Powers!
  • ​Cyrus - Competence- letting you know you CAN!
  • Roman - The Angel of Revelation!
  • Camilla - The Angel of Comfort.
  • Una - The Angel of Uplifting!
  • Aria - Acceptance- helping you to accept Guidance and Love.
  • Roxanne - The Angel of Relief! Whew... You are not alone!
For 12 days, You receive a New Message from One of the Angels of Easy World!
Be An Angel Yourself: You are invited to share these Angel Messages with others! Pass along the Good News!

Each day for 12 days, you will receive in your inbox a brand new encouraging Angel message.

You will Learn how to call upon and be blessed by each one of these twelve Angels of Easy World!

Your World will Be SO MUCH BRIGHTER as you discover EASY Angel Solutions to all Life's Problems!

Here's What Happened!

After reading  the Book: Living in Easy World- a friend said..."Sure Wish there were some Angels of Easy World, that  I could call on to help me." Presto! Twelve Angels were instantly present!
NOW -These Angels are ready to help you!

*Living In Easy World - by Julia Rogers Hamrick - Highly recommended reading
Yes, I Am ready For the Angels of Easy World to Help Me Now!
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